Charles Bayliss was probably one of Australia’s greatest nineteenth-century photographers. In his day, Bayliss’s work was highly regarded and he received numerous prestigious government commissions. His photography has been praised since but, in contemporary terms, Bayliss has not yet received his due.

This beautiful publication, drawing on the National Library of Australia exhibition of the same name, is the first to highlight the various strands of Bayliss’s photographic practice. It encompasses his apprenticeship with Beaufoy Merlin from 1870 to 1873, his work for B.O. Holtermann from 1873 to 1875 and his independent career from 1876 until his death in 1897 at the age of 47.

235 x 288 mm
68 pages
ISBN: 978-0-642-27667-4
Published by the National Library of Australia


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Academia.edu review by Alison Clark

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